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Having captions available for the media instructors utilize in their classes IS THE LAW.

An androgynous figure with limbs outstretched to the circumference of a circle (the illustration recalls Da Vinci’s “Vetruvian Man” and the ancient symbol of the ankh) The outside ring surrounding the centre keystone and the apparent 3D reflections make the icon seem genuinely iconic. Apple renamed Accessibility to Universal Access.

Apple helped makeover Accessibility to Universal Access with their Da Vinci “Vetruvian Man” symbol

Here are some resources I have gathered…

Search sites for already captioned media:

  • is providing a central place to easily and reliably discover captioned and subtitled videos across multiple video hosts. In turn, an additionally important goal is to drive significant traffic to caption and subtitle friendly video hosts and creators.

Create your own captions:

  • SubPLY Create your own captions using our simple and free do-it-yourself captioning tool.
  • A collaborative toolset and community for volunteers and organizations around the world to make almost any web video accessible for the deaf and to translate videos for all of us.

Clearinghouse of Accessibility Information on for more on captioning:

  • Web-based Captioning/Subtitling Tools
  • Desktop Captioning/Subtitling Software
  • Caption-Ready Video Hosting Providers

Described and Captioned Media Program VOICE 800-237-6213 | TTY 800-237-6819 | FAX800-538-5636 | E-MAIL | WEB Funding for the Described and Captioned Media Program is provided by the U.S. Department of Education Revised December 2011

APPROVED CAPTIONING SERVICE VENDORS Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) National Association of the Deaf (NAD) U.S. Department of Education (ED)

Additional Resources

Video Description Software:

  • CapScribe Open Free Mac-based video editor for captioning and description developed by Inclusive Media and Design.
  • MAGpie Media Access Generator is the original free caption and audio-description authoring tool for making multimedia accessible to persons with sensory disabilities, developed by NCAM, the National Center for Accessible Media.
  • Livedescribe Video description software designed, prototyped and developed at The Center for Learning Technology by developer Carmen Branje.

Video Description Services Lists:

Video Description Vendors – for a more comprehensive list, please visit the ACB or DCMP links above. 

Video Description Standards and Guidelines:

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