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Support Universal Access by Supporting the Accelerated Dynamic Content API (AccDC)

AccDC: The Accelerated Dynamic Content API
Bryan Garaventa needs our help to complete his project to revolutionize the development of automatically accessible web technologies all around the world! The Internet, aka the World Wide Web (WWW for short) is not so “world wide” for many people with disabilities. The Internet could be a great equalizer, but millions among us do not navigate the web with ease, and that is an unnecessary shame that we can all help change. Please support AccDC today!

Understanding Online Accessibility Issues – Videos of users using Assistive Technology

To best understand the many varied access issues encountered by people with disabilities as the “surf the internet,” watch as many videos as possible of users using assistive technology on the Internet.

I’ve collected a running list of such videos, which I recently updated…

Videos of How People with Disabilities Navigate the Internet with AT

Campus Access Remains Big Hurdle

Non-disabled people generally never think about the accessibility of physical space. We all see automatic door open buttons (big blue square with white wheelchair symbol) at most places so we assume there is a way for everyone to get inside… but what happens once inside? This is why I believe the virtual world is so appealing to people with disabilities.

Read the entire article: For some, campus disability access not enough Many locations on campus are more easily accessible by stairs, while some cannot even be reached by elevator.

Event captioning on mobile devices in some US venues, but not enough

What a fantastic idea, putting the technology most of us already have to real use–assistive technology for all. Universal design of products allows for multiple uses in different scenarios. I love it! And I cannot believe it is not used in more venues! I urge all venues to adopt this simple technology that will benefit more of the population then you realize.

Screenshot of Fancaption.com homepage.


FanConneX also offers our in-venue closed captioning of the PA announcer for the hearing impaired. It’s a simple, innovative way for venues to enhance the experience of their hearing impaired fans. It’s doesn’t require video board space or a separate video board, but works on web-enabled handheld devices.

a11y bugs project – grass roots web accessibility effort

This is a great project I came across in my quest for virtual accessibility standards information…

a11ybugs.org logo header with lady bug and text "The a11y bugs project" The a11y bugs project is a grass roots effort to identify and fix bugs that undermine accessibility on the web. This project was started with 3 bugs that undermine the use of alternate text – the most basic and widely recognized accessibility problem on the web. They are proposing that these 3 bugs should be fixed so that all browsers use/display alternate text in a consistent way, based on Firefox, which has the best implementation. Please sign the a11y bugs petition!

CCM Professor Tells Stutterer Not to Speak in Class

This is an ADA no-no for post-secondary instructors! There are better ways to limit class discussion than telling a stuttering student not to speak. Professor’s Response to a Stutterer – Don’t Speak – NYTimes.com

Knowbility’s Southwest Conference on Disability

Donations needed! snapshot of screen stating I'm an official backer of Sight.Sound.Soul.

VSA Texas and Knowbility have produced Sight.Sound.Soul to great acclaim in several local Austin venues. We are seeking funds to bring this inspiring performance to Albuquerque New Mexico for the Southwest Conference on Disability in October. Attendees to the conference, one of the largest disability conferences in the country, will include hundreds of people with disabilities – just the audience who will most appreciate the full accessibility of this rich sensory experience.

The pledge drive ends on August 22 at exactly 9:15 AM and we need to raise $8,100. Your pledge will help us pay for ASL interpreters who specialize in music translation, to pay artist fees, and to pay lodging and airfare.

To learn about Sight, Sound, Soul and pledge go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1857323231/sightsoundsoul-with-henry-butler

Inclusion Of Students With Disabilities In Higher Education


Inclusion Of Students With Disabilities In Higher Education: Performance And Participation In Student’s Experiences To expand knowledge on the accessibility of higher education to students with disabilities, the study compared 170 such students in higher education institutions in Israel with 156 students without disabilities for formal achievements and overall participation in higher education. Results revealed that academic achievements of students with disabilities were almost as high as those of students without disabilities, and overall students’ experiences were similar. But the two groups of students differed in areas of experiences, as did students with various disabilities among themselves. Analysis of the data indicates that students with disabilities invested more time to meet the demands of their studies, participated in fewer social and extra-curricular activities, and used computers and information technology less. Higher education institutes still have a long way to go to reduce the gap in social inclusion of students with disabilities and to adjust academic standards for their needs.

Practical Guide for People with Disabilities Who Want to Go to College

This guide has information about finding the right school,  paying for college, and locating supports relating to your disability while at school. Includes information about things to keep in mind after college and where you can get help finding a job. This link opens a PDF document.