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MyPath101: Innovative Early Intervention Tool that Promotes Student Self-Awareness

The MyPath101 web app helps students figure out who they are and where they want to go—then shows them how to get there.MyPath101 assists students in defining who they are which allows them to set clear goals for their education and their future. This valuable resource facilitates a more focused, successful, and enjoyable college experience.

College can be a difficult transition for many students who arrive underprepared and unsure of their career aspirations. As a result, they struggle both academically and emotionally. Only one-third actually finish in four years–many don’t finish at all–and when and if they do they are faced with crushing debt and limited job options.

That’s where MyPath101 comes in. We help students discover their passion, finish college, forge their paths, and realize their full potential.

Developed by experts in identity development, personal branding, social media strategy, online identity, and career marketing, MyPath101 is a web-based membership site that provides students with interactive exercises, online advice, tips, and techniques for mastering everything from applying to schools and choosing classes, to getting involved in campus activities, to securing internships and job searching.

Think of MyPath101 as a virtual counselor, tech guru, and career advisor all rolled into one–and available 24/7–a legitimate college fit and readiness tool! Set students on the path to success in college and career success with MyPath101.

MyPath101 can work with schools in two ways: Schools can purchase MyPath101 for their students at a discounted price, or we can market directly to students through existing marketing channels allowing parents to order this fantastic product for their child on their own. Parents and students are always able to purchase a subscription for themselves or a loved one at any time. MyPath101 makes the perfect gift for any high school or college student.

For more information visit MyPath101.com or email Gina@MyPath101.com.

Gina Carson
School Partnership Coordinator, MyPath101.com
Putting students on the path to success, in college and beyond!

The MyPath101 web app helps students figure out who they are and where they want to go—then shows them how to get there.

Bart Simpson cartoon

End of Semester Stress from Lack of Focus and Procrastination All Semester

Bart Simpson cartoon

Procrastination Kills

From: Student X [studentx@xxxx.mailcruiser.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 16:04
To: Gina Carson

I have trouble focusing on what I’m supposed to do, I worry a lot, and then I procrastinate. What do you recommend?

Student X


Hi Student X!

I’m sure the trouble focusing, worrying and procrastinating are leading to you being stressed out too, especially this time of the semester. Ends of semesters are always tough.  From the little you said, it seems like some tips about time management would be helpful. And working on your organizational skills. Often when students master these two skills, it becomes easier to focus, which ends the procrastinating, which in turn lessons the worrying.

Do you currently keep a planner?  A good idea is to get a weekly/monthly planner, and plot all the due dates for the semester in the planner during the first week of school. This will help you see what assignments and tests you will have for the following 4 months. It makes it easier to plan to do the work you need in the best order by seeing this info visually, at a glance, any time you need reminding.

Cruise the DSS LibGuide I created for all sorts of tips and hints, the more time management skills you can learn and start doing regularly, the easier getting everything done will be each semester.  Also check out

A Guide to Time Management

430 College Tips for Inspiration, Motivation & Success

I recently met Dr. Rob Gilbert, of Montclair State University, regarding his book, “How to Have Fun Without Failing Out: 430 Tips from a College Professor” ISBN: 978-0-7573-0577-1

Give his “Success Hotline” a call for daily motivation & inspiration!

Daily Success Hotline 973-743-4690

Start a Good Habit with Assistance from Technology

I started forging a new habit today! Thanks to my pal Keith for the HabitForge.com introduction a few days ago. The free version allows for one new habit per day, so make a list and get forging…

Exercise more. Eat Healthy. Start any new habit you can think of or break a bad habit. HabitForge is a free web app that emails you daily asking you a yes or no question about whether you followed through on a habit you want to establish.

HabitForge.com logo | Simple Accountability. Positive Change.

HabitForge.com | Simple Accountability. Positive Change.

Practical Guide for People with Disabilities Who Want to Go to College

This guide has information about finding the right school,  paying for college, and locating supports relating to your disability while at school. Includes information about things to keep in mind after college and where you can get help finding a job. This link opens a PDF document.

Free Accessibility Widgets

Thank you to Deque Labs for sharing these.

Deque Labs – Free Accessibility Widgets for the Community

Deque Labs is Deque’s Research and Development incubator. In our efforts to improve accessibility of information our development team has created some nifty accessibility add-ins/plug-ins and a web part that integrate with third party software products. The following widgets are currently available:

* Worldspace add-in for Internet Explorer 7 and 8
* Worldspace add-in for PowerPoint 2007 and 2010
* Worldspace add-in for MS Word 2007 and 2010
* Worldspace add-in for Visual Studio 2008
* Worldspace add-in for Visual Studio 2010
* Worldspace add-in for SharePoint Designer 2007
* Worldspace add-in for SharePoint Designer 2010
* Worldspace plug-in for Eclipse Helios – Java Enterprise IDE
* Worldspace plug-in for Dreamweaver CS4 and CS5

Graduating Seniors, Job Seekers with disabilities, National Resume Database

Attention: Graduating Seniors and Job Seekers with disabilities!


Join Our National Resume Database(r) for Job Seekers with Disabilities including: College students, Graduates and Experienced Professionals

Go to www.nbdc.com and click on JOB SEEKER

To set up a new resume, click on the “Create Resume Account” button and post your resume using a valid email address and a creating a password.

Benefits to Posting Your Resume:

  • You pay no fees
  • You will not be asked to disclose your disability
  • You can update your resume online
  • Your resume is available to employers
  • Employers can contact you directly
  • View Job Openings from Top Employers Across the Country

How to View Job Openings:

  • Go to www.nbdc.com and click on JOB SEEKER
  • Click on JOB SEARCH
  • Fill out the form provided to view job postings by KEYWORD, LOCATION, and or JOB TYPE
  • Click SUBMIT to view job postings

Additional Resources – FREE to Job Seekers:

  • NBDC Yellow Pages – Link to resources in your area
  • Internships – Learn about upcoming programs
  • Career Events – employment opportunities
  • Tips for your job search
  • View Member List of Proactive Employers

AT TIP: Use MsgMe.at for Simple Email Reminders

Note posted with message Don't Forget!Lacking executive functions, or just sometimes forgetful? Take advantage of this simple, free service MsgMe.at to set up email reminders to better organize your life. College students need to better utilize assistive technologies like this. Simplify life. Use Google Chrome like me? Then install MsgMe.at from the Chrome Webstore for super easy access! Tools like this help reduce stress levels. Start a new habit today.
If you need more options, try using Google’s Calendar. Input all your assignments and tests from all your syllabi at the beginning of the semester. Enter in your school’s official schedule, like holiday breaks, and other campus events. Some people even put in the class times, so the time is blocked off, and a visual reminder every time you look at the calendar. I’ve slowly added in most of my family’s birthdays. And once these dates are in, and you mark recurring, that is it. You are good for life. Never forget anything again. It’s just that we have to get in the habit of always adding events to the calendar. You can send meeting invitations, or share your calendar with others. Digital calendars are great tools, especially when used in conjunction with hand-computers (smartphones). Be organized, it reduces stress levels, and helps you better focus your attention where it needs to be focused.
Or course both these work with smartphones. I love my HTC Droid Incredible, and I had to create my habit of entering appointments and other dates/times right into the calendar on my hand-computer. Then at work or home, I see my calendar in my email. It works for me, and maybe it will work for you.

Using Assistive Technologies to Support All College Students

Using technologies in the classroom is the only way to engage today’s students. Assistive Technologies (AT) that were previously used only to aid students with disabilities should be used as tools for all students. These technologies can aid all students, improve retention, and boost graduation rates.

Videos of How People with Disabilities Navigate the Internet with AT

This is a comprehensive list of examples. Watching these videos will enlighten you.

Understanding Accessibility- Videos of users using Assistive Technology

Headstrong: LIVING IN THE HIDDEN WORLD OF DYSLEXIA AND ADHD is part of every day life for some people. Even though they love words, trying to read poetry or a novel is like listening to music with only half of the notes

Listening to Learn: Digital Reading Solutions See how technology and document conversion are helping students read and learn.

Understanding Accessibility: Videos of Users Using AT

Screen Reader demos

Me and My Computer Elina was born with athetoid cerebral palsy. About a year ago, when she was 9 years old, she got a computer and in this 4 minute video she demonstrates how it has revolutionized her life. The computer has given her independence as she can now draw and write by herself. She accesses her Apple iBook with an adapted joystick and uses AssistiveWare’s KeyStrokes on-screen keyboard with word prediction for writing. She is also experimenting with Proloquo and the Infovox iVox voices for speech feedback while she types. At home and at school her computer means life to her! Elina lives in California, United States of America.


Added 5 April 2011: Web Accessibility: Cost or Benefit?

Added 24 March 2011: This page lists videos of people with disabilities using information and communications technology (ICT), especially with assistive technologies (AT). The videos are listed in the following categories:

  • People using assistive technologies (AT)
  • Screen readers and braille
  • Screen magnification
  • AT for people with physical/motor disabilities
  • Web accessibility

from Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design