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Understanding Online Accessibility Issues – Videos of users using Assistive Technology

To best understand the many varied access issues encountered by people with disabilities as the “surf the internet,” watch as many videos as possible of users using assistive technology on the Internet.

I’ve collected a running list of such videos, which I recently updated…

Videos of How People with Disabilities Navigate the Internet with AT

Campus Access Remains Big Hurdle

Non-disabled people generally never think about the accessibility of physical space. We all see automatic door open buttons (big blue square with white wheelchair symbol) at most places so we assume there is a way for everyone to get inside… but what happens once inside? This is why I believe the virtual world is so appealing to people with disabilities.

Read the entire article: For some, campus disability access not enough Many locations on campus are more easily accessible by stairs, while some cannot even be reached by elevator.

Google Apps for Education Discriminates Against the Blind

I find this hard to believe, but it is true. Would have thought Google would have been on top of accessibility / usability issues for the disabled, but apparently Google Apps fell through the cracks.

Adoption of Google Apps Program Discriminates Against the Blind–National Federation of the Blind Asks Department of Justice to Investigate Schools Across the Country

Google Accessibility Demonstration Videos